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Dining Menu

Snacks / Hors d?oeuvres (finger food)

  • Guacamole with sour cream and toasted tortilla chips
  • Corn fritters with sweet chilli sauce
  • Spring rolls made with fresh local vegetables
  • Thai fish cakes
  • Crispy potato wedges served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
  • Chicken satays with peanut sauce
  • Tandoori chicken in roti
  • Tempura battered fish pieces with tartare sauce
  • Blinis with smoked salmon, sour cream, fish roe and coriander
  • Scallop salad with chilli paste and coconut served on Asian spoons
  • Asian-marinated lamb cutlets
  • Chilled avocado soup shots with fresh prawns
  • Gingered chicken and sweet corn soup (served in tiny cups)
  • Lime and chilli chicken dumplings with dipping sauce
  • Rice paper rolls (vegetarian) with tamarind dipping sauce


Entree / Lunch / Dinner

Villa Special (dinner only)

  • Nasi campur (served banquet style)
    A wonderful selection of locally eaten food incl. green papaya soup, steamed fish in banana leaves,braised rendang beef, coconut rice, chicken satay, Balinese style mixed vegetables, crackers with crispy egg and sweet sambal, pickled cucumber, crispy tempe, etc. [Spriing rolls served with pre-dinner drinks; Balinese banana fritters with palm sugar sauce and vanilla bean ice-cream served as dessert]



  • Gingered chicken and corn soup with bean spouts
  • Chicken in basil and coconut broth
  • Chilled roasted tomato soup served with crusty bread
  • Sumatran chicken laksa (recipe compliments Four Seasons Group)


Chicken / Duck

  • Balinese duck curry (Bebek Menyanyat) (chicken may be substituted) (compliments Bumbu Bali restaurant)
  • Shredded chicken with jackfruit (compliments Bumbu Bali restaurant)
  • Chilli plum duck and mixed leaf salad
  • Duck pieces in rich coconut sauce (Kalio Bebek) served with spicy Indonesian fruit salad (Rujak)
  • Nasi Goreng (optional egg on top, turned or un-turned) served with deep fried chicken
  • Chicken salad with chilli-coconut milk dressing
  • Vietnamese chicken salad
  • Red chilli chicken curry
  • Chicken and coconut curry served with coconut rice
  • Butter chicken served with chutney and pappadums


Beef / Pork / Lamb

  • Spaghetti fried with lime, prosciutto, chilli, capers and rocket
  • Chilli pork salad (a la san choy bow - served on lettuce leaves)
  • Spicy Italian sausages (imported from Australia)
  • Spicy beef salad (with soy and chilli pepper)
  • Balinese beef ragout (prepared using Australian beef)
  • BBQ'd Australian scotch (rib-eye) or eye fillet with bearnaise sauce
  • BBQ'd coriander-marinated Australian scotch (rib-eye) or eye fillet with fragrant sauce (recipe compliments Four Seasons Group)
  • Lamb, baby spinach and roasted vegetable salad with warm honey/mustard/olive oil/red wine vinegar dressing
  • Asian-marinated double lamb chops with mint jelly



  • Lime and chilli prawns with green mango salad
  • Fragrant prawn stir-fry
  • Garlic scallop and green mango salad
  • Scallop salad with chilli paste and coconut
  • Bay of Bengal fish curry with steamed rice and lime wedges
  • Whole baby snapper steamed with Balinese spices
  • Salad of king prawns, green papaya, shallots, lime, peanuts, chilli and mint with lime and chilli dressing
  • Seared Tasmanian salmon with pink peppercorn/pickled ginger/lime/juice/coriander/lemongrass
  • Pepper-crusted seared tuna with Asian salad



  • Green mango salad
  • Kecap manis-glazed tofu and asian greens
  • Sweet potato fritters with avocado pur?e
  • Pickled red onion salad
  • Asian salad (flavored with soy sauce, lime juice, coriander and kaffir lime leaves)
  • Nasi goreng
  • Gado gado
  • Red Pumpkin curry
  • Pasta with fresh tomatoes and mint (and lemon juice, parsley, parmesan and capers)
  • Spaghetti fried with lime, chilli, capers and rocket
  • Roasted pumpkin risotto
  • Vegetable salad in peanut dressing (compliments Bumbu Bali restaurant)
  • Nachos (corn chips, tomato salsa, sour cream, grated cheese)
  • Fried ginger and peanut salad



  • Stir-fried green vegetables
  • Snake beans with garlic
  • Fried rice
  • Steamed rice
  • Steamed coconut rice
  • Baked potato with sour cream
  • Fried potato wedges
  • Green salad with balsamic or vinaigrette dressing
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Green peas
  • Kacang polong manis (local sweet green peas)



  • Frozen chocolate panna cotta
  • Iced lemon mousse
  • Chilled lime cream
  • Fresh fruit platter served with vanilla bean ice-cream
  • Traditional Indonesian black rice pudding (sweetened with palm sugar and topped with coconut cream)
  • Balinese banana fritters with palm sugar sauce and vanilla bean ice-cream
  • Affogato (espresso coffee with vanilla bean ice-cream and Amaretto or Kahlua shots, and chocolate biscotti)
  • Balinese banana crepes with palm sugar sauce and vanilla bean ice-cream
  • Local exotic fruits served with a ginger/cardamom and lime syrup with Haagen-Dazs green tea ice-cream
  • Papaya with lime syrup and mint citrus sorbet


After Dinner

  • Premium Lazumba coffee
  • Chocolate liquer shots
  • Chocolate samosas
  • Home-made chocolate truffles
  • Kelepon (a local delicacy coated in freshly grated coconut and filled with liquid palm sugar!)
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